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Bringing good health home

for seniors in wards 6, 7, & 8

Getting to and from the primary care office is difficult or impossible for so many because of pain, distress, or physical limitations. 

We believe everyone deserves quality care. So, we bring the primary care office to you.

Your care plan comes to you

thanks to our mobile care partners

We have several area partners that will ensure the care plan you and Dr. Cook develop together comes to you whenever possible.


We can coordinate:

  • in-home lab-work

  • in-home EKGs, ultrasounds, and X-Rays

  • in-home nursing and rehabilitation therapy

  • prescription delivery

  • social workers skilled in navigating the unique needs of seniors

Our philosophy is simple

cure, manage, comfort

​Cure what may be cured;

Manage what can only be managed. 

Comfort always.  

Our mission is about you

we strive to help all of our patients age in place

At District Primary Care, we are guided by the belief that people feel better at home, so we do our part to make that possible. 


We cannot always make living with chronic or progressive illness less complicated. But we always strive to make you comfortable.

And there is no place as comfortable as home.

Let us bring good health to your home...

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